What is hosting?

Hosting is a service provided by hosting companies that lets you run your website from one of their secure web servers.
What this means is that your hosting provider takes care of the technicalities such as setting up the web servers so that you can focus on the quality of your website.
There are different types of hosting that have different pros and cons.


Types of hosting:


Shared hosting:

With shared hosting, the power of the server is used by all patrons who are using it to host their site. This makes a slower, less consistent hosting plan that is more affordable for those who cant afford virtual private, or dedicated servers.


Virtual private server hosting:

VPS hosting is a good middle between shared and dedicated hosting. It partitions the power of the server in order to ensure that all patrons get the same amount of performance. This makes it more reliable than shared hosting, but cheaper than dedicated.


Dedicated hosting:

The biggest, baddest hosting on the block. With fast speeds and reliable strength, this is the perfect type of hosting for a small business.


Here are some personally recommended web hosting plans: